Buying At Auction

Why Buy With WCA?

WCA is committed to bringing the best possible auction experience to all our clients. Whether you are looking for a single item or a small fleet, we promise to deliver the highest level of customer service in the industry.

WCA Delivers a Great Selection of Equipment.

It’s our business to attract the best sellers with the best equipment. Whether you need a pickup truck or an excavator, WCA consistently offers a wide variety of heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, and other equipment assets for construction, agricultural, transportation, and many other types of businesses.

WCA Auctions Offer You the Easiest Way to Buy Equipment. Without Hassle.

WCA offers you a hassle-free buying experience that ensures you are taken care of at every point of the purchase process. Every WCA auction provides you with quick check-in/check-out registration, experienced auctioneers to keep the auction efficient and on track, and professional onsite staff to answer your questions and help get your equipment working for you as soon as possible. Best of all, WCA auctions are engaging, exciting events. Whether you have an individual piece in mind, or want to purchase a small fleet, you will enjoy the WCA auction experience.

Click the Photos. Kick the Tires. Make a Visit.

At WCA, we provide you with as many of the lot details as possible to help you make informed buying decisions. Photos are posted on the website daily as equipment arrives in the yard. You can also come out and visit with any of our knowledgeable yard staff. Ultimately, we want to arm you with the most information and put it in your hands, the quickest way possible.

Help Is in the WCA Vocabulary.

WCA does not ignore you after the gavel drops. Our premium buyer services include financing, hauling referrals, DMV licensing, and more. The WCA team is always available to meet your post-purchase needs.