Buying Payments & Financing

Day of Auction

After you have finished bidding, please visit the office to obtain a printout or pre-bill of the items you purchased. Your pre-bill contains any applicable taxes and fees. You can also expect to receive a pre-bill faxed or emailed to you the next day following an auction. Please make sure you write a fax number or email on your bidder card so you can receive your pre-bill. Note that we make every effort to ensure your pre-bill is accurate. Please speak to a WCA checkout clerk if you have any questions or concerns.

In general, a 25% deposit is required for all purchases before you leave the auction site. Deposits are accepted via cash, most major credit cards, cashier’s checks, money orders, and checks (with a pre-approved bank letter of guarantee that states the guarantee is irrevocable and includes your bank number on bank letterhead).

Final Payment

In general, final payment is due within 3 days of purchasing an item. You submit the full purchase price, plus any applicable taxes and a transaction fee. Final payment may be made in the following ways:
• Cash
• Certified Check
• Credit Card up to $5000 (5% Administrative Fee applies)
• Bank Wire Transfer
• Direct Deposit (please reference your bidder number to ensure proper credit)

Bank Wire Information
Please contact us at (951) 490-0149 or by email at for our Bank Wire instruction. However, these instructions appear at the bottom of our invoices.

All invoices unpaid on the 4th business day after the auction, are subject to 18% interest, deposit forfeiture, and a restocking fee up to 25% of your total purchases charged to your credit card.

WCA Partner Financing

If you require financing, we recommend you get pre-approval before attending a WCA auction. This ensures you can focus on the equipment at auction and bid without hesitation.

WCA provides clients equipment financing options through our financing partners. Our dealer financing programs are tailored to individual buyer needs. In general, loan requests are evaluated and approved within 24 hours from the time an application is submitted.

A 10% deposit is required within 24 hours of the auction, from all Buyer who are financing, whether with WCA or another lender.

Applying for an Equipment Loan
To apply for an equipment loan, do the following:
• Download one of the loan applications (US Bank Application for Vehicles & Partners Capital Application for Business).
• Fill out the application completely.
• Fax the completed application to 951.231.2586 (secure fax) or email the application to