Buying Process

Buying Equipment with WCA

Buying equipment at a WCA auction is a simple and straight-forward process.

Step 1: Register for Auction

The first step to buying at a WCA auction is registration. You can register for a WCA auction online here When you register for an auction online, you receive a unique bidder number from Proxibid or Equipment Facts.

What Do You Need to Register?

U.S. Online Buyers: Require a valid credit card.

International Online Buyers: Require a $1,000 refundable security deposit.

Step 2: Preview Auction Items

When you register for an auction online, you will receive an email once approved to bid. The auction catalog contains all of the auction items and provides a description of each item as well. Relevant information (such as make model, hours in service, accessories, etc.) is provided.

The auction catalog can help you plan your day. Lots are auctioned in sequential lot number order. In general, lots are sold at approximately 1 lot per minute.

Additionally, we have auction preview days, two days prior to any auction to inspect any items you are interested in. You can test and inspect the equipment, compare items, and ask questions as you like.

You can even bring along a mechanic or other professional to inspect equipment for you. An onsite WCA equipment specialist can also help you understand any service reports or manuals.

Step 3: Bid on Selected Items

WCA offers several different methods of bidding on equipment. You can either participate in the auction online (in real time, using Proxibid or Equipment Facts) or place an absentee bid.

Once the auction begins, the bidding process is simple and straightforward.

  • Check the auction schedule / catalog to find out when and where items will be sold.
  • The auctioneer announces the name and lot number of each item before opening the bidding. He begins with an initial “ask price”. If no one meets the ask price, he reduces the price until someone makes an initial bid.
  • If you are interested in placing a bid, click the bid button.
  • The auctioneer raises the ask price to see if anyone else is interested in going higher.
  • When no more bids are offered, the auctioneer announces that an item has been sold.

What if You Win?

If yours is the winning bid, all you have to do is complete the payment for the item and take possession of it.

If you are bidding online or via absentee bid, your invoice will be faxed or emailed to you the next day.

Absentee Bidding

If you are unable to bid in real-time, online, you may place an absentee bid for equipment in advance. Use the absentee bidding form and enter the requested information. This bid will be processed up to the maximum amount stated.

Step 4: Pay for Purchased Items

Completing the purchase process is simple.

Day of Auction

In general, a 25% deposit is required for all purchases. Deposits are accepted via cash, most major credit cards, cashier’s checks & money orders.

In general, final payment is due within 3 days of purchasing an item. You submit the full purchase price, plus any applicable taxes, and a transaction fee.

Final payment may be made in the following ways:

  • Cash
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Bank Wire Transfer to WCA Bank Account
  • Money Order
  • Credit Cards up to $5000 (5% Administrative Fee applies)
  • Direct deposit to a WCA Bank Account. Please note your bidder number on deposit receipt.

All invoices unpaid on the 4th business day after the auction, are subject to 18% interest, deposit forfeiture, and a restocking fee up to 25% of your total purchases charged to your credit card.

Once the full payment is received, WCA notifies both buyers and sellers that the transaction is complete. Buyers are able to take possession of the item at that time.

Step 5: Take Possession of Equipment

Titles and Registration

After you have completed payment for your items, the WCA team will help finalize any outstanding documents. WCA will coordinate and register your vehicle for you. No need to worry about standing in line at the DMV; we take care of all your paperwork. We have complete DMV services onsite. Titles for all equipment sold at a WCA auction are in good standing.

Equipment Pickup

In general, equipment purchased at auction must be removed from the auction site by Friday following the auction.

WCA provides a loading ramp to assist in loading your equipment. The WCA team can offer assistance as required.

Equipment Transportation

Buyer is Solely responsible for shipping & cost of shipping.  If you cannot find a Hauler, WCA can provide a list of some local, national and international shipping companies as a courtesy only. Please contact our office for more information. Auction Site: 951-490-0149 or toll free: 866-731-7760.

WCA can also provide dismantling and containerizing coordination if necessary.