AuctionMax Advance

Improve Cash Flow Before Auction

AuctionMax™ Advance is a unique pre-auction management tool that allows you to improve cash flow in advance of an upcoming auction. This program is designed for clients who have identified equipment assets to sell in an upcoming WCA auction but who may have immediate cash needs. Essentially, AuctionMax Advance allows you to receive advance payment against anticipated proceeds from assets sold at auction for an additional fee.

Key Benefits

  • Access equity from equipment prior to its sale
  • Use increased income to improve cash flow across business
  • Manage equipment portfolio according to changing business needs, with less reliance upon closed sales

How Does AuctionMax Advance Work?

One of the cornerstones of WCA asset management is a comprehensive needs assessment. We work with you to identify any unneeded equipment and then determine a TruMarket™ Value of the equipment to be sold. If necessary, we also provide a suggested list of equipment improvements or repairs, as well as many supporting services, including transportation.

If you take advantage of the AuctionMax Advance program, we provide an advance (compensation) based upon a percentage of the equipment’s TruMarket Value. After the equipment is sold at auction, the net balance (auction sales price, less traditional commission/fees, as well as the AuctionMax Advance) is passed directly to you.

This unique program allows you to access partial payment for an equipment asset before the item is actually sold. This means you can make strategic business decisions while reducing worry over cash flow.

Contact WCA for Details

For more information about the WCA AuctionMax Advance program, please contact a WCA equipment sales manager at 866.731.7760. The WCA appraisal team will determine the TruMarket value of your equipment, help you arrange transportation of your assets to our facility, and work to process your contract and get payment to you within 5 business days.

It’s equipment sales made simple.