Comprehensive Remarketing Services

Comprehensive Remarketing Services

WCA is one of the nation’s leaders in providing re-marketing services to banks, leasing companies, and other financial institutions. Our knowledgeable, highly experienced senior staff has over 75 years of professional experience. This expertise ensures we provide our clients a complete re-marketing package, from equipment recovery through sales and liquidation.

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Strategic Asset Management

One of the cornerstones of our re-marketing services is strategic asset management.

The WCA re-marketing team begins by evaluating the entire equipment portfolio. We consider the equipment type, condition, location, and other items to determine a TruMarket™ Value for individual pieces of equipment and the entire portfolio. When necessary, we can also determine additional values, such as orderly or forced liquidation.

We identify the best means of selling the equipment (via auction, on-site liquidation, portable auctioneering services, or private treaty) and develop a customized worldwide marketing plan. This comprehensive approach to asset management ensures we deliver the highest returns for our re-marketing clients.

TruMarket Appraisals and Asset Valuation

One of the most important aspects of evaluating a re-marketing portfolio is determining asset value. WCA offers unique TruMarket™ Appraisals. Our appraisals are based upon many factors including equipment condition, past auction history, current market conditions, as well as years of asset management and industrial auction experience. As equipment appraisal experts, we are skilled at providing the TruMarket™ Value of a single piece of equipment or an entire fleet.
Additionally, WCA offers fee-based appraisals for more detailed and comprehensive portfolio valuation. WCA is a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA). We can provide accurate, timely, and complete appraisal services for determining auction value, refinancing, inventory reduction, business sales, court-appointed appraisals, and equipment acquisitions. We also offer commodity checks as needed.

Asset Protection

As part of an initial needs assessment, a WCA re-marketing specialist can customize an asset protection plan to help achieve bottom line results. We offer two unique types of asset protection plans. These optional programs are designed to protect our re-marketing clients from an unforeseen loss in a live auction environment.

  • Rolling Protection: Designed for larger equipment packages, this protection plan is ideal when you have many different types of equipment to sell and are unsure of market conditions. It takes into account market fluctuations in the sales prices of individual pieces and ensures maximum value for the entire equipment package. Ultimately, rolling protection minimizes risk and ensures the greatest compensation for the total package.
  • TruMarket™ Protection: TruMarket Protection eliminates the risk of catastrophic loss in today’s turbulent marketplace. WCA identifies a TruMarket Value for equipment based on a variety of factors, including past sales figures, current market values, and present market conditions. Based upon the TruMarket Value and other predetermined formulas, WCA can devise a strategy that will provide protection against an unforeseen auction result.

Equipment Condition Assessment

Our goal is to help our re-marketing clients achieve the best compensation possible for their equipment. All WCA re-marketing efforts begin with an initial needs assessment. As a part of this process, we evaluate all equipment and determine if reconditioning and repair are necessary to enhance equipment values. For example, we know that items like windows and seats usually do increase value in equipment sales, while many other costly repairs do not. If reconditioning or repair is recommended, we can coordinate services to ensure work is completed satisfactorily and at the best value.

Transportation Coordination and Storage Options

WCA maintains relationships with fully insured transportation companies across the United States and will coordinate the pick-up and delivery of equipment as necessary. We can transport equipment to our facilities or to other locations as necessary. We can also recover equipment for our re-marketing clients. Additionally, WCA offers a wide range of equipment storage options, from short-term temporary storage to other long-term solutions.

Title and Registration Clearance

The WCA Re-marketing team can assist clients with resolving registration and title challenges. If necessary, we can recreate equipment titles, acquire out of state titles, and offer help with many other services as well. Additionally, we can help resolve lien and loan payoff coordination as well as DMV paperwork and processing.

Comprehensive Worldwide Marketing + Targeted Buyers

WCA provides a proven, comprehensive re-marketing plan that ensures timely disposal of assets, while maximizing the value of the asset portfolio. Each re-marketing program is customized to 1) provide a one-stop (start to finish) solution to market your assets, 2) leverage multiple sales venues to target the most qualified buyers, and 3) provide worldwide exposure for your equipment assets.

When you sell equipment with WCA, you are not dependent upon a local or even regional market. You gain access to a worldwide market – and this reach means you access a wide variety of potential buyers, who may have very different needs than local customers. Additionally, WCA tends to attract very targeted buyers. Most of our buyers are searching for specific pieces of equipment (or fleets); they are not searching for the best “deal”. This means we can offer interested, well qualified buyers (ready and able to purchase) for our re-marketing clients.

Multiple Sales Venues

WCA offers several ways in which to sell equipment assets. Most of the time, our re-marketing clients choose to sell equipment via WCA live auctions. These lively, engaging events bring buyers and sellers together from around the world. However, we are also able to conduct portable (on-site) auctions and liquidations as necessary. These offsite auctions may be ideal when the equipment portfolio is large and expensive to transport or when a local market is better suited as potential buyers.

Regardless of the sales venue, the WCA re-marketing team will provide a global marketing strategy for the equipment to be sold. Additionally, you will have access to worldwide buyers via our online bidding opportunities.

Timely Proceeds Disbursement

The WCA reimbursement process is simple. Sellers can expect to receive payment within 10-15 business days after the auction concludes, provided all conditions are met.