TruMarket™ Appraisals

TruMarket™ Appraisals and Valuation

When you are selling equipment, it is critical to have a true sense of its worth. WCA offers unique TruMarket equipment appraisals. These appraisals are based upon many factors including equipment condition, past auction history, current market conditions, as well as years of asset management and industrial auction experience. Our appraisal experts are skilled at providing you with the TruMarket Value of your inventory whether you are selling one piece of equipment or an entire fleet.

How is Value Determined?

WCA TruMarket Appraisals are conducted by appraisers who understand the appraisal process and have access to the extensive WCA heavy equipment database (as well as to other public databases of information). When evaluating equipment, we consider the basics: equipment type, make, model, year, service hours, etc. However, we also consider equipment condition, attachments, and other valid measurements of value. We incorporate all of this information, as well as particular field knowledge to ensure we deliver the most accurate value for every piece of equipment sold at auction.

Enhanced Appraisal Services

WCA is also able to provide enhanced fee-based appraisal services for our institutional clients who require a more comprehensive portfolio evaluation. Learn more.

The WCA appraisal experts can determine equipment asset value for a variety of means.

  • Current fair market value
  • Orderly liquidation
  • Forced liquidation

Please contact the WCA appraisal team at 866.731.7760 or online at appraisals@wca-online. for further details.