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2004 CW Manufacturing TCII-1564P Tub Grinder, Cat C32 1000hp Diesel,  Electronic HP Controller, Auxiliary Hydraulic Power, Air Compressor, Hydraulic Rod Puller, 42″ & 48″ Conveyors, 15′ Tub Width, T/A Tow Dolly, S/N: 599. Asking $225,000 or Click Here To Make An Offer

2010 Caterpillar TL1255 Telescopic Reach Lift, 12,000# Capacity, Cat C4 Acert Diesel, 54.6′ Lift Height, 4-Wheel Steer, Body Tilt, Hydraulic Out-Riggers, Cab W/AC, S/N: TBN00743. Asking $40,000 or Click Here To Make An Offer

2013 Caterpillar 262D Skid Steer Loader, Cat Diesel, 2-Speed, High Flow XPS, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Water Tank, Canopy, Solid Cushion Tires, S/N: CAT262DEDTB00355. Asking $16,000 or Click Here To Make An Offer

2003 Mauldin 1750C Crawler Paver, John Deere 4.5L Diesel, 8′ To 16′ Screed, Dual Steer, Propane Heater, S/N: 156C75TJS74201156. Asking $13,000 or Click Here To Make An Offer