WCA Support Services

TruMarket™ Appraisals and Valuation

When you are selling equipment, it is critical to have a true sense of its worth. WCA offers unique TruMarket™ equipment appraisals. [More Information]

Comprehensive Appraisal Services

WCA is a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA), offering a full range of appraisal services conforming to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP). [More Information]

Comprehensive Remarketing Services

WCA is one of the nation’s leaders in providing re-marketing services to banks, leasing companies, and other financial institutes. Our knowledgeable, highly experienced senior staff has over 75 years of professional experience. This expertise ensures we provide our clients a complete re-marketing package, from equipment recovery through sales and liquidation. [More Information]

AuctionMax™ Advance

ActionMax™ Advance is a unique pre-auction management tool that allows you to improve cash flow in advance of an upcoming auction. [More Information]

CashMax™ Advance

CashMax™ Advance is an innovative pre-auction program that allows you to leverage the equity in under or unused equipment. [More Information]

Equipment Inspection and Reports

All equipment sold at WCA auction is provided with equipment details (make, model, hours in service, accessories provided, etc.). However, a WCA equipment specialist can also provide additional details as needed. We will happily go out to the yard and check out equipment for you. We can send you additional photos when needed and are always available to answer questions.


The WCA team will only make recommendations for equipment repair or reconditioning when it will result in increased equipment value. When repairs are warranted, we can provide services such as pressure washing, painting, glass and seat repair, and more.


WCA has alliance relationships with many fully insured transportation providers who can ship equipment locally, nationally, and internationally. A WCA equipment specialist can assist you in getting a transportation quotation from one of these providers.

Loading and Unloading

The WCA auction site provides a loading ramp for all buyers. The onsite WCA team can assist you in loading your purchased equipment.

DMV Paperwork Processing

The WCA staff included specialists in all forms of equipment titling and DMV registration. We can help clear titles and fill all the necessary DMV paperwork. Our DMV Specialists are on site at every WCA auction. Also, WCA is also a fully licensed dealer and titling service for your everyday DMV needs.

Lien/Loan Payoff

The WCA team can aid in lien and loan payoff in advance of selling items at auction. Additionally, we also offer several pre-auction sales programs that may improve cash flow before an auction.

No Hassle Smog Services

We can help guide you through the smog testing and certification process. WCA will arrange for your item to be smog checked from our facility. Just make sure you allow plenty of time to coordinate this before the auction date.