Why WCA?

WCA Mission

WCA is the best choice for comprehensive asset management. We provide TruMarket™ Appraisals and asset valuation, unique live and online auctions, multiple sales venues, worldwide inventory and marketing opportunities, a firm commitment to both buyers and sellers, access to the senior WCA team, and unparalleled client support. We began in 2001, and are a wholly-owned American company, located in Perris, California. Download Why WCA?

More About What We Provide

WCA is one of the nation’s leaders in equipment asset management. Our team of equipment specialists is dedicated to helping you maximize the value and performance of your equipment assets. Whether you are selling equipment or looking to leverage asset equity, our asset management team will develop a customized plan to help effectively manage your equipment portfolio. If you are buying, we can help you assess the condition and value of particular equipment. We can perform equipment inspections; provide additional photos, and more. We can help you get the information you need to make a correct purchase. We can also help you bid on equipment from near or far (via online bidding or proxy bidding). If you are selling, we can help you determine what to sell, what to expect at auction, how to market your equipment, and what the best sales venue is for your equipment. We are proud to offer all of the services provided by a traditional auction house in addition to a wide set of asset management services.

Knowledge is power. When you are buying or selling equipment, it is critical to have a true sense of its worth. WCA offers unique TruMarket equipment appraisals. These appraisals are based upon many factors including equipment condition, past auction history, current market conditions, as well as years of asset management and industrial auction experience. Our appraisal experts are skilled at providing you with the TruMarket Value of your inventory whether you are selling one piece of equipment or an entire fleet.

WCA is one of the leading industrial auctioneers in the United States. WCA auctions are large scale, exciting events. We hold auctions on weekdays to ensure most buyers can attend. WCA auctions offer an ideal environment for sellers to reach a diverse, well-qualified audience. Our auctions offer buyers the widest variety of heavy equipment, trucks, and other equipment assets for construction, agricultural, transportation, and many other types of businesses.

WCA offers several ways in which to sell equipment assets. Most of our clients choose to sell equipment in a traditional WCA live onsite auction. However, we can also accommodate clients who have other needs. For example, we can arrange offsite auctions and other cooperative sales opportunities. We can also provide many support services (like equipment transportation and storage) to help make the sales process easier. We even offer unique pre-sales programs such as AuctionMax Advance and CashMax Advance to improve cash flow in advance of selling equipment at a WCA auction. In general, we can create an equipment sales plan to meet nearly everyone’s needs.

WCA enjoys a worldwide stage. Our equipment is traded locally, nationally, and internationally. Whether you need a pickup truck, an excavator, or a small fleet, you will find it at a WCA auction. We have a variety of heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, and other equipment assets for construction, agriculture, transportation, and many other types of businesses. If you are looking to sell equipment, you will have access to buyers around the world. Our global marketing efforts are designed to reach the broadest audience of potential buyers. When you sell your equipment with WCA, you are not dependent upon a local or even regional market. You gain access to a worldwide market – and this reach means you access a wide variety of potential buyers who may have very different needs than local customers.

WCA enjoys the benefits of working with both buyers and sellers. In fact, many of our buyers are sellers – and vice versa. This unique relationship means we see both sides of the asset management equation. If you are a buyer, we want to help you secure the right equipment for your needs. If you are a seller, we want to provide a TruMarket Value for your equipment and ensure you get that value when you sell it. Being committed to buyers and sellers means we must present the high-test ethical standards at all times.

If you have ever done business with WCA, chances are, you have spoken with a member of our senior team. Accessibility to key decision makers means we can offer the best possible solutions for all our clients. Our unique hands-on approach to all aspects of our business means we value long-term relationships. We foster a sense of community for buyers, sellers, and institutional lenders as well.

Simply put, there is no company within the industry more dedicated to client support than WCA. From the first inquiry call, to the end of a completed transaction, WCA provides superior customer service and a commitment to delivering results.

WCA began in 2001, and is a wholly-owned American company, located in Perris, California. We support our community and reinvest wisely. More importantly, doing business with WCA means we understand your culture, concerns, and values.