CashMax Advance

Leverage Asset Equity

CashMax™ Advance is an innovative pre-auction program that allows you to leverage the equity in under or unused equipment. For an additional fee, you can unlock the equity in your equipment, improve cash flow, increase backup cash reserves, and gain greater flexibility in managing the ups and downs of a challenging business environment.

CashMax Advance is designed for clients who have underutilized equipment and immediate cash needs. For example, you may have sidelined equipment you are considering selling. However, you may not be certain – as future projects are pending. In such case, a CashMax Advance may be ideal. WCA allows you to pull equity out of the equipment while you determine the best course of action. You can use this equity as you like and decide whether or not to sell your equipment at a WCA auction within a pre-determined timeframe (usually 90-120 days).

Key Benefits

  • Immediately increase cash reserves and cash flow
  • Leverage under-used/dormant equipment to generate cash quickly
  • Unlock equity from high value equipment assets while still retaining ownership
  • Manage equipment portfolio according to changing business needs

How Does CashMax Advance Work?

If you are interested in participating in the CashMax Advance program, you simply contact the WCA team. A WCA CashMax Advance specialist will evaluate your equipment assets as part of a comprehensive needs assessment and identify under-used or dormant equipment. Then, we will determine TruMarket™ Value of any equipment considered for sale. If we think end value will be increased, we will suggest any equipment improvements or repairs.

WCA will offer you a CashMax Advance contract with program details. You simply sign the contract and deliver the equipment to the WCA facility. We provide an advance (compensation) based upon a percentage of the equipment’s TruMarket Value. You use the advance as you like. If you decide to retrieve your equipment, you simply pick it up and return the CashMax Advance and related fees. If you decide to sell the equipment at an upcoming auction, the net balance (auction sales price, less traditional commission/fees, as well as the CashMax Advance) is passed directly to you.

This unique program allows you to retain ownership of your equipment until you determine the best solution. Most importantly, you can use CashMax Advance to evaluate equipment needs as business opportunities arise.

Contact WCA for Details

Taking advantage of the WCA CashMax Advance program is easier then ever. Simply contact a WCA equipment sales manager at 866.731.7760 to discuss your options. The WCA appraisal team will determine the TruMarket Value of your equipment, help you arrange transportation of your assets to our facility, and work to process your contract and get payment to you within 5 business days.