Comprehensive Appraisal Services

Comprehensive Appraisal Services

WCA is a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA), offering a full range of appraisal services conforming to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). We provide accurate, timely, and complete appraisal services by our team of highly experienced on-staff experts. WCA asset appraisals are conducted by appraisers who understand the complete appraisal process and have access to the WCA equipment sales database (reflecting past auction data), as well as comprehensive industry information. This ensures WCA provides clients the most accurate asset appraisals available today.

WCA paid appraisal services are provided to financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, estates, attorneys, and others. We provide fee-based appraisal services for determining auction value, refinancing, inventory reduction, acquisitions, court-appointed appraisals, and equipment acquisitions. Our appraisal experts are skilled at providing accurate inventory value regardless of portfolio size.

Our appraisal services include the following:

  • Complete, in-depth equipment appraisals
  • Current market evaluation appraisals
  • Multi equipment item to entire fleet appraisals
  • Desktop appraisals when short notice required
  • Commodity checks: verification of assets, including onsite inspection
  • Expert testimony in court (CMEA certified)
  • On-site appraisals anywhere in the U.S.

Multiple Values

The WCA appraisal experts can determine equipment asset value for a variety of means.

  • Current fair market value
  • Orderly liquidation
  • Forced liquidation

Why are CMEA Appraisals Important?

It is imperative that any equipment appraisal be credentialed and CMEA certified (Certified Machinery Equipment Appraiser). CMEA appraisals are the most professional in the business and offer the greatest accuracy. Additionally, CMEA appraisals can be defended in court. Our professional CMEA designation is an assurance of appraisal quality.

Appraisal Fees

Our appraisal fee is $2,500/day, plus related travel expenses. Before beginning any appraisal, we will provide a detailed written estimate of the total fees and any related expenses.